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Heart Pieces

These are the heartpiece locations

1.ClockTower Entrance
2.ClockTown North on tree top
3.Samurai Gym: Get 30 points in Expert Cource
4.Postman: Do time attack game and stop clock exactly 10 seconds.
5.?? guy in Toilet: Give him a paper
6.Rosa Sisters: Teach them a dance.
7.Deknut's playhouse: Clear events on all three days
8.Keetan Quiz: Get OK to all 5 questions
9.In Post: With Postman's cap
10.Merchant Deknut's stockhouse
11.Marshy Place on tree top
12.Talmina Plain in DodonGo's hole
13.Talmina Plain in Peehat's hole
14.Marshy Place on top of guide house
15.Picture Contest: Chinkle or Dek-King photo
16.In Deknut Fort: on the way to Magic Seed vendor
17.In Woodfall area: in treasure box
18.Do Koume's target shooting and clear it
19.ClockTown Target Shooting: Second time Clear
20.Marshy Target Shooting: Second time Clear
21.Honey & Darling's game house: Clear all three days
22.Talmina Plain four halls: Change color of Stones
23.Dog race in Romany's farm: get over 150 rupees as award
24.In Goron's place: hand Marshy land owner paper and jump to the upper cliff
25.ClockTown Maze house: Clear with Goron Link
26.Talmina west( Sea Entrance): break bee nest and heart piece appear in water
27.Mountain place in spring: in Zola Link dive into water and get it
28.GreatBay seaside fall: kill 'LikeLike' and get it
29.Play music to Zola band's Leader
30.Zola hall in LuLu's room: hand Mountain land owner paper
31.Marine Laboratory: feed fish with four small fishes
32.Beaver swim race: Win second time
33.In Pirates' Fort
34.Anju's Grand-ma story #1: Answer is a day before fiesta
35.Anju's Grand-ma story #2: Answer is 'Don't understand'
36.Way to Snowhead: call scarecrow and jump
37.GreatBay seaside cliff: call scarecrow and jump up
38.In GreatBay Sea: kill 8 sea-snakes
39.Stultura House in GreatBay: shoot coloured masks and get into hidden room
40.Seaman's jump game
41.Frog concert
42.Ekhana graveyard in 2nd night
43.Ekhana Valley in front of Sakon's cave: hand Sea land owner paper
44.Ekhana Valley in ghost house: defeat four Big-Pows
45.Ekhana Fort
46.Ekhana hidden cave: Defeat four middle Bosses
47.Talk to Mayer with Wedded Couple Mask
48.Deposit 5000 rupee to Banker
49.in Moon Hide and Seek event in Odolwa dungeon.
50.in Moon Hide and Seek event in Goat dungeon.
51.in Moon Hide and Seek event in Gyorg dungeon.
52.in Moon Hide and Seek event in Link dungeon.

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