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Bombers Notebook
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Bombers Notebook

1. The bombers Gang
2. Anju
3. Kafei
4. Curiosity Shop Guy (located in curiosity shop at night)
5. Bomb Shop Woman (located at night in North Clock town at one A.M.)
6. Romani (located at Romanis ranch in field)
7. Cremia
8. Mayor Dotour ( he walks in the Stock Pot Inn on the first day at eight A.M. on the bench.)
9. Madame Aroma
10. Toto
11. Gorman
12. The Postman (dude this guy is everywhere)
13. The Rosa Sisters (located in front of the lottery place at night on 2nd and 1st day.)
14. Toilet Dude (located at the Stock Pot Inn at night)
15. Anju's Grandma(located in the mayors office in one of the rooms)
16. Kamaro(located on a rock at night in Termina field)
17. Grog
18. The Gorman Brothers (located on milk rode , first left)
19. Shiro
20. Guru-Guru