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ODALWO- This freak is pretty easy , what i do is just wait until he makes the circle of fire around and throw a bomb in front of you and when he attacks he usually ends up hitting the bomb.You can also just stun him with a arrow a couple times throw a bomb under him and keep shooting arrows at him so he can't move and the bomb will explode and hes toast!RATING OF HARDNESS-**(out of five star rating)

GHOAT-This guy is also pretty easy first play the song of healing in front of him and he will awake . He will start runnig turn into lnk goron and roll at him (dont hit him unless your spikes are out) . if your starting to run out of energy theres magic pots everywhere . Avoid the stuff he throws behind and when the icicles fall just zigzag . he gets faster and faster and when he blinking red hes almost dead. RATING ON HARDNESS- ** (out of five star rating)

GYORGH-Now this is the boss you will have trouble with if you do it the wrong way . Get a couple fairies for this toughy . He has two ways of knocking you off the platform , one he rams the side (just stay in the middle for that) and two he jumps over the plat form (just hold your shield in the air for that).You can tell where he is in the center by seeing the bubbles float up.O.K those were the safety rules now how to beat him . First you stun him with a REGULAR arrow then turn into zora link swim at him and you your forcefield (and theres the mistake if you just punch him it does half damage and you have a much better chance of getting eaten).While using your forcefield keep swimming up after you hit him repeat this and beat him. RATING OF HARDNESS-**** (out of five star rating)

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